Services and Fees

Services Offered

Mindfulness Meditation Based Psychotherapy
I have spent over one cumulative year in silent meditation retreat practice, and I brings my extensive contemplative experience to my work as a physician, teacher, and therapist. I have repeatedly found that combining mindfulness, meditation, and psychotherapy, can lead to profound improvement in anxiety, trauma, and depressive symptoms.
Medical - Psychiatric Acupuncture
I am trained in German Auricular Medicine, a very profound treatment modality that utilizes acupuncture of the ear to elicit rapid effects in the body and in the psyche. It is a moderately painful procedure that takes 30-60” on average. It is quite helpful for insomnia, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, chronic pain, depression, and many other chronic illness.
Exposure Therapy
I have worked with individuals with extremely severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other types of phobias, and have experienced very high remission rates via exposure therapy. In a nutshell, exposure therapy involves remaining in an anxiety provoking situation until the fear subsides. While scary and unpleasant, this type of treatment can be profoundly effective, if the exposure therapy is provided in a correct manner. Though this type of therapy might sound simple, there are nuances to doing this treatment that are often overlooked, and thus the exposure is often done incorrectly.
Nutritional Medicine
There are so many ways in which our diet can effect our mood and overall sense of well being. I offer expert guidance to patients, helping them find a dietary approach that reduces the risk of inflammation, and provides the best nourishment for the body and the mind. Sometimes dietary adjustments alone can lead to remission in depression, anxiety, and psychosis, as well as in many other physical ailments.
Fasting was perhaps the original medicine that animals and our human ancestors used to address illness. Regular fasting was also part of life due to natural cycles of feast and famine, and thus something that was integral to the evolution of the human body and brain. There is ample evidence that caloric restriction and regular fasting can prolong life span, reduce the risk of dementia, reduce inflammation, improve markers of cardiovascular health, and improve the course of numerous other chronic illnesses. Sometimes fasting is the essential intervention for a patient with psychosis, severe depression, or other inflammatory disease, and I offer guidance to patients regarding how to incorporate this into their healing regimen.
Sometimes, disruption in one’s circadian rhythms can lead to physical and mental illnesses. Our bodies and brains thrive on regularity and routine, and I work with patients to optimize timing and exposure to light and dark, and to wakefulness and sleep, in order to best support that person’s healing process.
Yes, I do offer psychiatric medications in addition to other, more holistic treatments. In fact, I believe that western medicine has a place in holistic healing, not as the center piece, but as a powerful adjunct to other modalities. Sometimes psychiatric medications are the most practical and immediate solution to life threatening or disabling symptoms. But other times psychiatric medications can actually worsen the very problem we are trying to address. That being said, I am happy to prescribe medications when the situation warrants, and I am constantly exploring innovative psychopharmacological treatments, in order to most effectively treat my patients with severe mental illness.


I accept Pacific Source and Moda Insurance. For those paying out of pocket, the cost for the initial assessment is $500. Subsequent visits are billed at $250 for 50 minute and $300 for 80 minute appointments. I do accept credit cards as well as HSA cards.