Your First Visit

Your first visit will last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, and my primary intention during the initial appointment is to gather a comprehensive history from you. If there is any biographical information you feel reluctant to share, then of course, it is perfectly fine for you to choose to not speak about that subject matter. However, keep in mind that sometimes the very things you might be afraid to share, end up being some of the most important information that can guide treatment and lead to breakthroughs in your healing process. I have certainly experienced this to be the case, many times in my work. Towards the end of your first visit, we will shift from information gathering to discussing an initial plan going forward, in terms of what healing modalities will be both most comfortable to you, as well as best suited to your needs. We will likely not have enough time to discuss all the treatment options during the first visit, but the healing plan can, and often will, evolve over time in our work together.

Please keep in mind that while I do prescribe benzodiazepines and stimulants, I rarely do so after one or two visits. I am very conservative when it comes to prescribing these particular substances, as both can cause significant adverse effects and are over prescribed in contemporary medicine.